16 Nov

Call for Papers on Modern and Contemporary Italian Cinema

For the Eight Film Symposium

April 18-22, 2017

On New Trends in Modern and Contemporary
Italian Cinema Presented by
The Department of French and Italian
at Indiana University:

Submissions are being accepted for original research on new directors and trends in Italian cinema. Papers may focus on, but should not be limited to: new directions in criticism, financial and political dynamics in film production, analysis of individual films, development of new authorial visions, the relationship to other national cinematographic traditions and films, intersections between film and other arts (photography, music, literature, etc.), "Italophone cinema" coming from the Americas, Australia, Africa, the Mediterranean world or other countries, the representation of family and gender, the issue and experience of otherness, the search for cultural and spiritual identity. Proposals on the pedagogical application of cinema in the foreign language classroom and on documentaries are also welcomed.
Papers should be written in the language in which the reader feels most comfortable (Italian or English); however, they should be limited to no more than 15 minutes (8-9 doubled-spaced pages). One-page abstracts should be sent electronically (Word attachment only) by Jan. 31, 2017 or before to Antonio C. Vitti (ancvitti@indiana.edu), or to Andrea Ciccarelli (aciccare@indiana.edu).


Special Guest: Director




È nato a Palermo nel 1959. Dopo aver seguito studi filosofici, giovanissimo collabora come
assistente alla regia con Francesco Rosi e Federico Fellini, in seguito con Michael Cimino e Francis Ford Coppola. Nella sua formazione è decisivo l’incontro con Leonardo Sciascia, con cui stringerà legami di profonda amicizia.

Dal 1980 ha alternato regie teatrali e cinematografiche.

Fra i suoi spettacoli ricordiamo La Foresta –radice-labirinto, elaborazione drammaturgica da un testo inedito affidatogli da Italo Calvino, con musiche di Francesco Pennisi e scene di Renato Guttuso (Teatro Olimpico di Roma);  ...continua a leggere la biografia



Film in programma:


Strange Crime/Sotto falso nome (2004)
Directed by Roberto Andò
April 19 – Wednesday – 7:00 p.m.
The famous, yet mysterious writer, Daniel (Daniel Auteuil) is married to Nicoletta (Greta Scacchi), a beautiful Italian lawyer. ...continua a leggere


Secret Journey/Viaggio segreto (2006)
Directed by Roberto Andò
April 20 – Thursday – 7:00 p.m.
Two siblings return after 30 years to the scene of a brutal event from their childhood. Leo (Alessio Boni), now a psychiatrist, has avoided his past by pouring everything into his work and the support of his sister Ale (Valeria Solarino), a fledgling actress and model. ...continua a leggere


Long Live Freedom/Viva la libertà! (2013)
Directed by Roberto Andò
April 21 – Friday – 7:00 p.m.
As the national election approaches, Enrico Oliveri (Toni Servillo) has plummeted in the polls and his supporters and adversaries alike begin to acknowledge his impending downfall. Unwilling to face the failure of his party, Oliveri vanishes. ...continua a leggere


The Confessions/Le confessioni (2016)
Directed by Roberto Andò
April 22 – Saturday – 7:00 p.m.
A G8 meeting is being held at a luxury hotel on the German coast. The world's most powerful economists are gathered to enact important provisions that will deeply influence the world economy. ...continua a leggere