Articoli di Simona Bondavalli

28 Dec

Insegnare Pasolini? Narrating, Remembering, and Forgetting Forever-Young Pasolini, di Simona Bondavalli


Pasolini would be 93 years old in 2015, and while it is unlikely that he would still be alive even if he had not been killed forty years ago, the temptation to speculate on what he would be like, or what he would say, persists. Journalists, politicians, opinionisti reference him on a regular basis, whether to echo one of his far-sighted statements or to imagine his indictment of the current state of affairs. The belief that we ought to seek guidance in his forty-year-old social analyses, not only as individuals but as a society, also perseveres. Anniversaries offer further opportunities to lament his loss and invoke his clear vision. In January 2015, Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini stated the necessity to ...continua a leggere