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08 Oct

Contemporary Italian Science Fiction Film: The Future of Italy, by Rob Rushing


In a recent article, I argued that Italian science fiction films have historically been distinguished by two particular features. The first is a reluctance to imagine a serious Italian future (that is, the existence or even traces of the Italian nation state, but also italianità as an available ethnic identity). Recent films that do imagine an Italian future have been either parodic (Fascisti su Marte, InvaXön) or do so only in order to imagine the end of Italy and the rest of the world (L’arrivo di Wang, L’ultimo extraterrestre). In “Fortuna e politica” (“Chance and Politics”), the Italian philosopher Roberto Esposito has suggested that this hesitation in the face of the future is provoked by a profoundly Italian understanding of history as radically contingent, an understanding he traces to foundational figures like Giordano Bruno and Machiavelli. ...continua a leggere