Articoli di Patrizia Comello Perry

24 Dec

Divine Bodies: A Lesson from Caravaggio and His Chiaroscuro Technique, by Patrizia Comello Perry


In an article in Segnocinema, Flavio De Bernardinis discusses the importance of teaching Italian cinema and quotes Elio Petri: “Italian cinema is a persistent sign of malaise” (De Bernardinis 15, my translation); the word is malessere in the original Italian version. Malessere is certainly present where film portrays the new reality of Italy as an immigration land. Over the past twenty-five years, film and immigration law have followed with extreme precision the changes and issues connected to this new reality ...continua a leggere


07 May

How to Teach What We Can’t Teach of the Italian Language and Culture: Totò and Zuccotti Park, di Patrizia Comello Perry


The role of culture in developing intercultural awareness in the classroom
Expanding intercultural communication in all foreign language classes is one of the primary goals of the European Community (Common European Framework for Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment 2001). This goal is one that can be easily adapted in the United States and foster the best environment for an increasingly multifaceted learning community. Many students already use English as a “lingua franca” (Piasecka 2011), but their culture is hidden behind the words. Today, as World Wide Web expands into our classes and becomes a valuable resource of authentic material, we have an opportunity to make students aware of the pragmatic, sociolinguistic and multiplicity of identities that exist within every ...continua a leggere