Articoli di Pasquale Verdicchio

28 Dec

Captatio cadaveris: Pier Paolo Pasolini from Desperate Vitality to Disparate Reality, di Pasquale Verdicchio


In a 1967 piece entitled “Osservazioni sul piano sequenza” (Observations on the Long Take), that became part of the important collection Empirismo eretico (Heretical Empiricism, 1977), Pier Paolo Pasolini put forth the notion that montage works in film the same process that death does in our lives. “Observations” takes as its point of departure the “16mm film of Kennedy’s death. Recorded by a spectator in the crowd, [the sequence] is a long take, the most typical sequence imaginable.” Pasolini uses the famous footage that has come to be known as the Zapruder film in order to make his point on the function and meaning of the long-take, montage, sequencing and the reliability of cinema in the representation of “reality.” In order to make his point, Pasolini asks us to imagine that we have at our disposal an infinite number of ...continua a leggere


10 Dec

Appearances and Disapperances: Berlusconi’s Dictating Images, di Pasquale Verdicchio


The end of the first decade of this 21st century left a definitive mark of the times on the Italian political landscape. On November 13, 2011, President Giorgio Napolitano appointed Mario Monti to guide an appointed technocratic government to replace Berlusconi’s videocracy, in what turned out to be a series of unelected, patchwork governments. The “apparent” resignation of a prime minister who preferred to be called “president” might suggest that the depths of appearances have yet to be plumbed in this series of events. Berlusconi’s much touted end was not the first but simply another disappearance to be followed by another re-appearance. The shift from democracy to videocracy was ...continua a leggere