Articoli di Circe Sturm

08 Oct

From Sicily to Galveston: The Story of the Lost Actors of La Terra Trema and their Famous Film, by Circe Sturm


In this essay, I tell a story of Sicilian actors, lost and found, and of the famous film they helped bring to life. The frame is the little known history of the Sicilian fishermen and their families who moved from Aci Trezza, Sicily to Galveston, Texas in the post WWII period. In their youth, when they were still living in Sicily, many of the elderly members of this community played key roles in Visconti’s 1948 neorealist masterpiece, La Terra Trema. Though this docudrama garnered critical acclaim, in large part due to the nuanced performances of these non-professional actors, most of them never saw the film that made Visconti famous until the mid 1980s. Drawing from archival research and ethnographic interviews, I recount the reactions that these “lost” actors had to the film when it was finally screened for them in Galveston, Texas, and explore what these responses might teach us about the ongoing significance of class and creative labor in Italian American experience. ...continua a leggere