Articoli di Anthony Cristiano

24 Apr

A Self-Reflective Study of a Minute Life Series in the Digital Age, di Anthony Cristiano


This self-reflexive study by a Canadian filmmaker and film scholar, of Italian background, on the aesthetic character and significance of A Minute Life series — which began in 2009 — aims to interrogate the theory and praxis of A Minute Life project in the historical and theoretical contexts pertaining to the development of moving-images into the digital age. The considerations herein will summon ideas and arguments across a ...continua a leggere


22 Feb

Incontri cinematografici e culturali tra due mondi, di Antonio Carlo Vitti (Pesaro, Metauro Edizioni), di Anthony Cristiano


Antonio C. Vitti’s latest book comes out once again in an elegant Metauro edition from Pesaro, Italy. It is a voluminous work of close to seven hundred pages, a collection of thirty-one essays and six interviews by a variety of scholars and researchers, namely, Enrico Bernard, Lorenzo Borgotallo, Ben Lawton, Alan R. Perry, Antonio C. Vitti, Gaia Capecchi, Claudio Mazzola, Gian Piero Brunetta ...continua a leggere