16 Apr

A Very Seductive Body Politic, Nicoletta Marini Maio, Mimesis International, 2015 , di Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander


A very Seductive Body Politic is an interesting study according to thematic, stylistic and generic lines of the relationship between the world of cinema and Silvio Berlusconi. In the introductory chapter, the author proposes to “map {…} the representations of Berlusconi in cinema as a meaningful way to navigate Berlusconismo” that is from the time of Berlusconi’s entrance in politics to 2011, to that of his resignation.
The book is divided in five chapters an Epilogue and an Appendix. The Final Appendix contains a brief summary of Berlusconi’s political life, his entrance into the political arena in 1994, announced with the well-known discesa in campo (entering the field – terminology used in the world of soccer), broadcasted on his private TV networks. The author continues the narration of the creation of Berlusconi’s first political party Forza Italia in 1994, which later in 2008, with its fusion with the other right wing party, became Il Popolo della Libertà. ...continua a leggere